Long Term Relationships Provide Continued Work For Hannas

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Hannas have always placed a high emphasis on not just maintaining, but also strengthening, existing relationships with long term clients.

This is instilled throughout all the levels of the business and is a core part of our management systems and documentation across the company. This is achieved through maintaining open and honest communication with a clients, as well as obtaining feedback on our performance during and at completion of every project.

The importance of the systems and procedures is evident in our continued relationship with Viva Energy (formerly Shell Australia) and Transfield Services where we have recently commenced works alongside both companies at Viva’s Rosehill Refinery in Sydney’s west. The works see Hannas responsible for all civil works associated with the upgrade of Tanks 90 and 50 as part of the Clyde Terminal Conversion Project.

The ability for Hannas to continue to maintain a presence at Viva’s refinery for over 15 years is a testament to our people and our systems that enable us to continue to nurture and strengthen our relationship with Clients.