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Hannas applies best practice processes across all its operating sectors, in order to deliver continuous improvements in productivity and reliability.

Hannas is committed to the ongoing development and improvement of its systems, tools and processes, and has a dedicated team responsible for managing and implementing an Integrated Management System. The Management System integrates Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental requirements and is certified to the following International and Australian Standards:

• AS4801: 2001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)
• ISO14001: 2015 (Environmental Management Systems)
• ISO9001: 2016 (Quality Management Systems)

Fundamental to our business is the formation of robust and sustainable relationships with clients and partners. We place strong emphasis on our relationships and ensure a methodical application of our communication, health, safety, quality, environment and risk programs to all our activities.

QA-D-001 Honesty Integrity and Professionalism Policy
QA-D-002 Community Relations Policy
QA-D-003 Communications Policy
QA-D-004 Corporate Governance Policy
QA-D-005 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
QA-D-006 Risk Management Policy
QA-D-007 IT Security Policy
QA-D-008 Integrated SEQ Policy
QA-D-009 Industrial Relations Policy
QA-D-015 Drug & Alcohol Policy